Giulia Siravegna - Next Frontiers to Cure Cancer 2021

Giulia Siravegna

Harvard Medical School - EUA

Dr Siravegna joined the laboratory of Molecular Oncology at the Candiolo Cancer Institute (Italy) after completing with honors a master degree in Biotechnology at the University of Torino.

She strongly believed that non-invasive diagnostic techniques based on circulating tumor DNA hold great promise, so she focused and based all her efforts on liquid biopsies ever since she joined the scientific community.

Over her PhD course she learnt a broad spectrum of experimental approaches, in the areas of molecular biology and cancer genomics, and she wanted to develop technologies and methods for non-invasive genotyping of solid cancers in blood and other bodily fluids (urine and cerebrospinal fluid).

Dr Siravegna made a number of significant contributions to field of Oncology. These include her development of revolutionary analyses that were fundamental in defining the biological and molecular mechanisms of acquired resistance to multiple targeted drugs in colorectal cancers. Using liquid biopsies, she has identified the main mechanisms of acquired resistance to the anti EGFR monoclonal antibodies, HER2, BRAF and panNTRK kinase inhibitors. The results she obtained shed light -for the first time- on the molecular mechanisms responsible for the commonly observed recurrences after EGFR blockade in colorectal cancer patients. Over the years, she has designed, applied, and perfected methods to quantitatively and analytically detect low-frequency genetic also in other body fluids, including urine and cerebrospinal fluid from cancer patients.