Erika Ruiz - Next Frontiers to Cure Cancer 2021

Erika Ruiz

Instituto Nacional de Cancerología

Actual Position
Professor of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology Department & Chief of Translational Medicine
Laboratory. Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico City, Mexico.
Professional Memberships
• Member of the National System of Researchers, National Council of Science and Technology
(CONACyT) from Mexico
• Member of the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG)
• Faculty Member, Gastro-Intestinal Tumors, European Society for Medical Oncology
• Member of the Scientific Committee, ESMO GI World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer
• Member of Gastrointestinal Cancer Guideline Advisory Group (ASCO)
• Guideline Panel Member for Adjuvant Therapy for Stage II and III Colon Cancer, for
Resource-Stratified Treatment of Invasive Colorectal Cancer Guideline Expert Panel and
for Rectal Cancer Guidelines (ASCO)
• Science and Technology Award in Food, National Council of Science and Technology –
(CONACyT) and Coca-Cola for “Methylation Landscape of Human Breast Cancer Cells in
Response to Dietary Compound Resveratrol”
• Oncology National Award, Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología, A.C., for “Antiproliferative
effects of the cannabinoid endogenous agonists on gastric cancer cells lines”
Personal Statement
I have published 62 peer-reviewed articles (on pubmed; H-factor: 19; 1012 citations) in prestigious
journals including, Journal of Clinical Oncology, European Journal of Cancer, British Journal of
Cancer and Scientific Reports. In addition, I have been a co-editor of the textbook Translational
Research and Onco-Omics Applications in the Era of Cancer Personal Genomics (Springer Nature
2019) and have been invited to serve as the Associated Editor of Frontiers Oncology section
Molecular and Cellular Oncology.