“Participants who have their submitted scientific paper ACCEPTED by the Assessment Committee do not need to pay the registration fee. If the submitted paper is NOT accepted by the Assessment Committee, the participant shall pay the proper amount accordingly to the program chosen. Due amounts shall be paid between April 3 -16, 2017. The assessment committee will send an email to the corresponding author disclosing their decision about the scientific paper (either accepting it or not) by April 7, 2017”.



O Next Frontiers to Cure Cancer will receive scientific works to be presented in the poster format.

Only original summaries will be accepted, i.e., not published in science magazines. Summaries must be written in English or Portuguese and sent no later than by March 24, 2017, at 11:59pm. Papers sent after the deadline will be automatically disregarded.

Works will be divided into three categories: clinical research, basic translational research, quality of life, epidemiology and others.


2.1 Works can only be sent after at least 1 (one) of the authors registers for the conference

2.2 Summaries must follow the norms below:

Title Centered, capital letters, bold.
Institution Full name of institution.
Authors' names First letters of given names and last names in capital letters, separated by dot and comma. E.g.: R. M. Silva
Summary Summary structure must contain: introduction, context, goals, methodology, results (partial or final) and conclusions. A Table or Chart and up to three relevant references may be included. The text must have no more than 2,500 characters (including spaces, but not counting the title, authors and references). Do not use HTML codes and end of lines.
Theme Classify the summary approach in the category tab: clinical study, translational basics, quality of life, epidemiology, and others.
Key words Identification of up to 03 (three) expressions or words that summarize the goal of the work and enable location of the summary in databases later.
References List all mentioned references under ABNT norms.
Financial sponsor of the work If any
Approval CEP (Research Ethics Committee for Human Beings) and/or CEUA (Ethics Committee for Animals) – All works involving patient samples and information must have been approved by CEP and contain the mentioned CEP assessment number. The same goes for works involving animals used in labs, which require the CEUA assessment number.

2.3 The summary must be written and sent exclusively through the event’s website. Please send separate files when sending more than one work.


3.1 The event's Evaluation Commission has the right to assess and select the works that will be presented. There is no chance of appeal.

3.2 Summaries will be assessed anonymously by an Evaluation Commission. The four best works will be chosen for oral presentation and an award of BRL 2,000.00 per work. Others will be presented in the poster format. Works that do not meet the standards set by the Evaluation Commission will be rejected.

3.3 The Evaluation Commission will send confirmation of acceptance or denial of the summary to the main author by e-mail by April 7, 2017, along with instructions for the oral presentation or in poster format.

3.4 Only one certificate will be printed per work.


Submission of works By 11:59 pm on March 24, 2017
Analysis of works by coordinators March 20, 2017
Announcement of approved works April 7, 2017
Presentation of works April 20-22, 2017