Throughout the entire morning of May 12, nine speakers will talk to us about the latest in oncogenetics, genetic counseling, screening and hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes.

Gene panels for hereditary cancer, one of largest innovations in Oncogenetics over the last couple of years, will be the subject addressed by Jeffrey N. Weitzel, MD, director of the Clinical Cancer Genetics Program at City of Hope, CA. Dr. Weitzel is the guest that will address this issue in the Oncogenetics panel on the last day of Next Frontiers conference.

These gene panels allow for sequencing several genes using a single sample (NGS, next generation sequencing), rapidly and concurrently. As a leading researcher in Oncogenetics, Dr. Weitzel will address the challenges and interpretation of multigene panels.

During the entire morning of Saturday, Monday 12, the Oncogenetics session will host nine speakers to talk about Oncogenetics, Genetic Counseling, Screening, and Hereditary Cancer Predisposition Syndromes. At the end we’ll open for questions and discussion with the audience.

Besides Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel presentation, the highlights are

Familial breast cancer with wild-type BRCA: genetic changes related to moderate cancer risk and patients without known mutations. Dr. Banu Arun, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Arun is a leading researcher in familial breast cancer.

(Brazilian Network of Hereditary Cancer) Rede Brasileira de Câncer Hereditário: Geneticist Patrícia Prolla, MD, PhD, coordinator of the network and professor at the Department of Genetics at UFRGS. Dr. Prolla will give us a lecture on Application of Oncogenetics and the challenge to ensure access to tests via private health insurance companies.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome: It is estimated that this syndrome affects one out of every five thousand people worldwide, but in Brazil’s south and southeast regions there is one new case for every 330 people. A.C.Camargo Cancer Center has the largest number of patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome globally. Today more than 150 families with this syndrome are followed at ACCamargo Cancer Center. Dr. Maria Nirvana Formiga will talk about Li Fraumeni clinical features and Dr. Daniele Paixão will talk about screening it.

Ovarian epithelial tumors: Dr. Alexandre André, A.C.Camargo Oncogenetics, will talk about tumor changes vs. germline mutations and the impact on screening and personalized therapy in ovarian carcinoma.

Familial colorectal cancer: Dr. Benedito Mauro Rossi, surgical oncologist at Hospital Sírio Libanês, will give a lecture on who needs genetic counseling for colorectal cancer.

Research in hereditary cancer: Dr. Dirce Carraro, researcher at CIPE and director of the Genomics laboratory at A.C .Camargo Cancer Center, will talk about where we stand and the future of hereditary tumor research.