Leading global figures in oncology will debate the most innovative, state-of-the-art cancer research, diagnosis and treatment in the second edition of Next Frontiers to Cure Cancer, on April 20-22, at Hotel Renaissance, São Paulo. This edition’s theme, "Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Research”, outlines the format: professionals in 16 fields, who work in different areas of A.C. Camargo Cancer Center and other renowned institutions in Brazil and abroad will talk about advances made in recent decades, focusing on the present and future of oncology.

Science breaches new frontiers in search of the most advanced oncological treatments, in an event coordinated by a Scientific Commission formed by Ademar Lopes, Felipe José Fernandez Coimbra, Fernando Augusto Soares, José Marcelo Amatuzzi de Oliveira, Victor Piana de Andrade, and Vilma Regina Martins.

The U.S. will be represented by:

Estados Unidos
Harvard Medical School
Mayo Clinic
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering
National Cancer Institute (NIH)
University of Miami
Winona State University.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Heidelberg University

University of Torino

Universidad de Buenos Aires